In addition to working as a freelance journalist, I offer a range of writing, editing, and communications services for nonprofit and business clients that are focused on environmental, social, and human progress. 


I craft original website copy, blogs, op-eds, thought leadership articles, white papers and sustainability reports, and other forms of content marketing. With my background in journalism, a hallmark of my writing is substance, based on sound research, original reporting, and interviews. 


I have extensive experience editing a variety of products, from short-form blogs to longer feature articles to well-structured reports and books. I specialize in developmental editing, and I am also a thorough and efficient copyeditor. I am particularly skilled at working with amateur writers and helping thought leaders develop a strong voice. 

Communications Strategy

In our media-saturated world, effective communications strategies are integrated: It's important to use the right tools that will reach your audience where they're at, with messages that will resonate with them, and at a time when they are listening. To do this, I offer integrated communications strategies that include identifying and finding your audience and influencers, developing storylines and messages, creating content marketing and editorial plans, and building an online following through social and digital marketing. I also offer workshops on topics including the writing process, sustainability storytelling, op-ed writing, how to engage with media, network marketing, and more.

The Bottom Line

For most of my career, I have focused on issues related to sustainable business and corporate responsibility, social and environmental progress, health and wellness, and travel and outdoor adventure. I am a curious person, and I indulge my curiosity by talking to people about their lives, work, and passions—and I use these conversations to create stories that matter: stories that change the way we think, act, or view the world. If you need help creating a story that matters, please get in touch.